The History

In 1967, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Singas opened the first Singas Famous Pizza restaurant in Elmhurst, New York. During its first year of operations, Gregory Tsanis, our CEO and president went to work for Mr. and Mrs. Singas. Greg was born in Greece, where he lived for 14 years before arriving in the U.S. with his family. In Greece, Greg learned that food is influenced by a variety of ingredients, which are combined by hand to create a distinctly unique meal. Greg worked with Bill Singas for many years learning the art of making pizza and other menu items the way food was created back in Greece, In 1977, Greg and his brother, Chris, purchased the business from Bill Singas. Together, they operated the original store in Elmhurst and branched out, opening new stores in the tristate area.

The Expansion

In 2004, due to an overwhelming number of requests, Greg decided to begin franchising the Singas Famous pizza concept and product.Today, after decades of building its reputation, Singas Famous pizza is beginning the next phase in its history.

In its expansion, and in franchising the business and concept, Greg’s paramount concern is to adhere to the three core guiding principles that have made Singas Famous pizza the success that it is today and has maintained its reputation for over 40 years : Quality and Consistency, Cleanliness and Customer Service.

The Uniqueness

Singas hand-made pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes, combined with fresh ingredients, make Singas distinct,

Our unique sauce recipe and dough recipe have been consistent over time and stay true to our original flavors and crispy crust our customers love.

Singas prides itself on made-to-order menu items for each guest, served to each guest with the same personal attention.

The Principles

The principles that define Singas Famous pizza are the same now as they were in 1967 fresh food, clean stores, and exceptional customer service.

The Hospitality

Customers are to be treated as though they are your invited guests. Singas’ customers, whether in person or over the telephone, are to be addressed quickly, attentively, respectfully, courteously and spoken to in a clear and intelligible manner. Standard greetings and telephone scripts will be provided in this manual and are to be adhered to for consistency in the manner of dealling with customers and to insure that each customer is made to feel welcomed and that his or her business is appreciated.

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